More Space for Apps on Your Nexus One

I still love my Nexus One after all these years, but when I run out of space for new apps, I often feel like weeping.

Here’s a handy trick if you’re desperate for a few more MBs:

  • Pick an app you use a lot. Google maps is a good candidate.
  • Find the app in the Manage Apps menu, and click “Uninstall Updates” (bear with me here!).
  • Now find the same app in the Google Play store and upgrade it back to the newest version.

This is totally unintuitive but it works. I freed up 13MBs doing this with Google Maps. What decadence! I’m guessing it works because the apps keep data related to each update lying around (maybe for rollbacks?).

I suspect this trick will work just as well for HTC Desire owners, and presumably for anyone else fighting the good fight against app bloat.

PS. I ordered a Nexus 4 yesterday so my Nexus One will go into a well-deserved retirement soon. It has given me 3 years of good service and honestly, it changed the way I see the world in ways that feel deep and permanent.