Words I Should Know but Don't: Pregnant

No back story, just realised today that I don’t know this word. Here goes:

妊娠(ninshin) - conception

  • 彼女は妊娠したので、健康のことを考えてタバコをやめた。
  • 妊娠している

That’s easy enough, but there seem to be a plenitude of other pregnancy related vocab:

  • 身重(miomo) - pregnant (kanji: body + heavy)
  • 妊娠 - conception, example: 彼女は妊娠したので、健康のことを考えてタバコをやめた。
  • 妊婦 - pregnant woman
  • みごもる - to become pregnant (with various kanji I don’t know)
  • 宿る - to become pregnant (also has other, more commonly used, meanings)
  • 孕む - to conceive / become pregnant

The list goes on. Phew! I still don’t know which one to use. This has long been a problem for me with Japanese: the dictionaries just don’t get me quite far enough. I have had the same kinds of problems with “give birth.” Just knowing 生む doesn’t mean you can use it right. And looking for an example, I come across this:


 She is going to have a baby.

Which may just be the best way to say “pregnant” after all.