I never used to be one for making New Year’s resolutions, but last year I made some and now it’s time to be held accountable. I made 2 resolutions:

  • Learn the 常用漢字
  • Do 100 Project Euler problems

So how did I do? I got through 1098 kanji and up to problem 63 on Project Euler. So I failed at both. But I don’t feel like a failure! I was to a thousand kanji around June when I realised that I was starting to know almost every character that I saw reading newspaper articles during my lessons. This is because I learnt the characters by frequency of use, and the 1000 most frequently used kanji go a remarkably long way. So I stopped learning new kanji and worked on vocabulary and reading. The point is, I suppose, that I got what I wanted from the resolution, even if I didn’t know what I wanted exactly up front. (Project Euler is another story for another blog…)

This year, there won’t be any Japanese learning resolutions. I figure I’m in the habit of studying anyway… Instead I am going to try to write a little every day (be it on this blog or elsewhere). Oddly, I know from experience that this is something I find hard to do.

Side note: I had a bit of a tricky time finding the Japanese for New Year’s resolution for this post title. It can be hard to look up phrases in a dictionary, so in the end I resorted to google translate and got the right answer.